What Are The Advantages of Using A Router Table?

Router Table

Routers are an essential tool when you want to create outstanding woodwork, or when joining parts of furniture. But using a router without a table can be a strain on your hand as you have to hold it over the piece of wood and chances of your hand failing and not giving you the desired design and shape. On the contrary, when you use a router table the router will run over the wood and helps you convert your ideas to reality. Apart from this benefit, the market is flooded with best router table which offers a lot more than just relieving your hands from strain.

The features each of the various router tables offers differs, but most good products in the market provide a standard set of features which will be useful to the user opines experts at www.woodworkingtalk.com. The benefits these router tables offer are much more than relief for hands, listed below are a few of them.

Precision: It is one of the significant benefits of working on a router table. Though the accuracy depends on the expertise of the woodman, there is more precision when compared to the handheld router. Moreover, the woodcut that the router can perform when mounted on a table is better than when using a handheld as the router can get knocked out of hand due to vibration, and the cut will not be as desired. Also, the speed at which the wood is cut is too fast as there is no worry of the wood going off course.

Complicated cuts: A router is not capable of handling intricate cuts as you cannot steer the wood to the way you desire. Meanwhile, a router on a router table will not have any such issues. A few products also come with pin slots which can mark the wood pieces and can also be used to customize the surface based on the wood shape. Furthermore, patterns on the wood piece can be achieved with great ease.

Maintenance: One of the significant advantages of using router tables is its ease of maintenance. Cleaning is simple, you can sweep the sawdust off the table top using a vacuum, and you are ready for your next piece of work on the table. The router can also be cleaned quickly as well and removing the router for cleaning is simple.

Security: Your safety is ensured when using a router table. The chances of you cutting yourself while working is reduced as the wood is on a stable surface despite you putting a lot of pressure on the table and the wood for a precision cut. The same cannot be said for a handheld router as it becomes difficult to get the desired cut without applying pressure on the router and the wood and hence there is an excellent chance of hurting yourself.

The benefits of a router table are many, provided you have the required knowledge to use it. Ensure you wear proper safety gear to avoid damage to your eye as small splinters can come out of the router and cause eye damage. Follow all the safety and maintenance rules provided by the manufacturer on an excellent user experience.

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