Supination And The Shoes That You Need For It

Supination And The Shoes

Feet are the unsung heroes of every life. They are generally taken for granted. Few people realize that feet are one of the parts of the body that work the hardest. It is not just about movement. Yes, feet take us from point A to point B, but they are also responsible for maintaining the balance of the body and preventing us from tripping and falling all the time. This article will talk about one of the problems that ail the heavy workers of our bodies – supination. It will also give a gist of some of the best shoes for supination. As per, supination though not very common can be found in athletes, runners and people who have high arch feet.

The first thing is to understand what supination is so that one can decide if they need the shoes for it or not. Imagine a runner set to take off before a race begins. At this point, the front part of the foot is pushing down on the ground, and the heels are raised. The entire weight of the body is on the forefoot. It is this outward roll of the forefoot that is called supination. For runners, supination occurs because they put pressure on the front part of the foot again and again. The entire weight of the body is balanced on that tiny part of one foot as they push forward in the race. The same pressure is applied to the feet of people who have high arches.

Though the pressure that is applied to the fore foot is a natural process, like everything else, the excess use of anything is bad. The problem occurs when continuous supination leads to stress on tendons and ligaments that support the ankle. If unchecked supination can lead to muscle sprain and torn ligaments which take a long time to recover. For people who have high-arched feet applying for support like a Custom, orthotics can prevent supination from occurring. But for athletes or people who need to walk long distances due to any reasons, there are a number of shoes that can help.

A good shoe that will help prevent under pronation, as supination is also called, will have excellent padding to support the high concave arch of the feet. The middle part of sole will be specially cushioned to make the walking or running shoe comfortable. The total weight of the shoes will be very, very less. This is because of lighter the weight of the shoe less the pressure put on the feet while a body is running. A good shoe for supination will mold perfectly to the foot structure to provide excellent stability. The shoe will be gel-based for the same reason. The last characteristic of a good running shoe for supination is a firm grip on the front end and sides of the shoe. This will help the athlete run faster.

Some companies and brands that make good shoes for supination are Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike, and Saucony. In Asics look for the Fuzex range and the Gel Hyper series while the Walking Sneaker and Walking Shoe series in New Balance are the best for supination.

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