Assembling A New Road Bike On Your Own

Assembling A New Road Bike

Assembling a road bike is not a hard thing to do. Of course, you could always take it to the nearby shop for putting it together. However, with a little patience and guidance, this is something anyone can do on their own. Most of them come with instructions regarding how to assemble a bike. Just follow these instructions carefully to get the job done. Always remember that you have to tighten the parts, whether they are fixed manually or have been pre installed by the company. Keep in mind the safety factors before setting off for your first ride. Now let’s get to the practical part.

Fixing the wheel
The wheel needs to go into the fork mounts first. Make sure you place it in the centre. Central alignment of the wheel is significant.

Brake wires- safety first
Check whether the brake wire has been attached. Sometimes the manufacturer may have done that for you. If not, that is what you need to do next. Always be cautious of the safety rules. Take no risks with your personal safety.

Then comes the pedal
Screw in both the pedals tightly. You need to check the threaded end of the pedal. It would be marked left or right so that you can fix it accordingly.

Handlebar next
Place the handlebar in the centre and clamp it properly. Make sure to check if all the bolts are tightened properly.

In goes your seat
You are almost done. Now it’s just the seat remaining. Insert it gently into the seat post and clamp that also tightly. To know if this has positioned correctly, use the following method. Sit on the bike with your heel touching the pedal. If you have to bend your knees slightly to continue riding, then you have done it right.

Tightening up all screws, bolts and nuts is to be remembered at each step. That’s all there is, have a great ride!

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