Get Spotless Plates With Commercial Dishwashers!

commercial dishwashers

Everyone has heard of dishwashers. These time-saving appliances are a boon to the home-maker, ensuring that her dishes and utensils stay spotlessly clean, without putting too much strain on her hands. Dirty dishes piled over the sink are indeed an awful, disconcerting sight. However, it is nothing compared to the mountains of pots, pans, plates and cutlery that restaurateurs have to face at closing time! This is when it makes complete sense to invest in a that get the job done in no time!

Why The Sudden Demand For commercial dishwashers?
Never before in history has the hospitality industry been this busy! Nowadays, it has become quite commonplace to visit hotels and restaurants, be it for a couple’s night out, a family get-together, or even for a dinner party with friends and business associates. According to, the restaurant business is booming, and many young entrepreneurs have signed up to rake in the profits it promises. However, the restaurant business isn’t with its fair share of problems.

The increase in patrons means good business. However, on the flip side, we also see a proportionate increase in the need for maintenance activities. An entire set of staff is required to handle the nitty-gritty activities NOT associated with cooking and serving. That means there are extra personnel to take care of cleaning the premises, aid in purchasing and transporting materials, like raw ingredients, and even another to get all the plates and dishes clean! This definitely puts a drain on whatever profits the restaurant owner hoped to make through this hotel venture.

However, the situation might be reversed if the restaurateur keeps track of the latest innovations doing the rounds. One of the appliances that has been proven to cut costs and increase efficiency, is the humble Dishwasher! Commercial dishwashers are similar to the dishwashers we find at homes, but in a more revamped form. These are more tough, capable of handling more dishes than the average dishwasher. Moreover, they are designed to work keeping the scope of the restaurant in mind. Usually, restaurants and hotels tend to serve a variety of dishes, and each dish will require its own set of pots and pans to cook it. Commercial dishwashers are designed to handle all sorts of utensils, from the sturdiest pan to the most delicate glassware.

Are These Dishwashers All The Same?
No way! Commercial dishwashers come in many sizes and types, each designed to handle different types of cleaning.
Given below are the types of Commercial Dishwashers that are currently popular amongst restaurant owners.

Conveyor Dishwashers
These are large and powerful stainless steel dishwashers, designed to be used at hotels, and restaurants that see heavy traffic everyday. Typically, these dishwashers can be expected to handle more than 400 racks daily.

Door Type Dishwashers
A slightly smaller version of the Conveyor model, these dishwashers can process smaller number of racks, say upwards of 40, making it ideal for small bistros and cafes.

Undercounter Dishwashers
These models are the ideal choice for small bars that own a compact kitchen. Typically, such dishwashers can process up to 30 racks.

Restaurateurs need to keep up with the times if they are to thrive in this industry. Commercial Dishwashers are vital, as they ensure the satisfaction of patrons as well as higher efficiency.