Tuesday, April 1, 2014

School Pictures

The bloggy neglect is due strictly to the sheer busyness of life .  As the weather is warming activites are happening with greater frequency.  I want to spend a few days catching you up.  

School Pictures
Last year I did not get pictures at all.  This was rooted in the question of what grade is Zippy in?  This year I wanted to be sure school pictures happened.  

I contacted Bob Brodbeck, a local photographer (who also happens to Zippy's kindergarten teacher's husband). Both kiddos had pictures taken individually and some together.  I was super pleased with the outcome.  He took so many more photos than the usual school pictures, so we came away with several great ones.  

He included all the photos, so not only do I have some wonderful school pics, but also a fun reminder of the experience. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Today marks the beginning of lent, that 40 days of reflection before Easter.   It is often characterized as a time in the desert.  I was thinking today about hope. We have gone through a long, cold, brutal winter this year.  We have seen temps above freezing only a couple of times in the last three months.  There is multiple feet of snow lining every street and veritable mountains of snow in every parking lot.  

It really feels kind of hopeless. But looking at the calendar, spring is just a few short weeks away. 

How do we get from feet of snow to sunshine, butterflies and flowers.  That is what lent is to me; the journey from the cold dark into the warm light of a relationship with the Savior.  

Paczki Day

First Law of Thermodynamics

 The first law of thermodynamics states: energy can be neither created nor destroyed (conservation of energy).  Zippy's science book does a nice job of explaining this with a play doh example.  Using 4 cans of play doh make a world, then you can change it around,  but one is still using the same play doh.  

After she was done reading about this Zippy asked if she could try it.  So she did.  I think she will remember the conservation of energy after this.  That is why I love homeschooling. 

Here is her play doh creation:  

Friday, February 28, 2014

A little Instagram Friday

This has been a super busy week.  We implemented a new homeschool scedule in hopes of remotivating everyone involved. I've heard from many homeschool moms that February is the worst month for homeschooling.  

Here's a little Instagram fun. The husband took this picture from the car window with his cell phone camera.  I uploaded to Instagram. I just love Instagram.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An international salad

So the Little Dude really loves strawberries and kiwi right now.  I made a little fruit salad for dessert the other night and made it into an impromptu geography lesson.  There were three ingredients in my salad kiwis,bananas and strawberries.  Each ingredient came from a different part of the world. The Kiwis came from Italy, the bananas came from Honduras, and strawberries came from Florida. I had to be look up on Google earth where each ingredient came from. It was a fun lesson while we all enjoyed our tasty treat.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Apple Pancakes

Saturday breakfast is a sometimes special meal.  This morning I made apple pancakes - that is box pancake mix with cut up apples added to the batter.  

The Little Dude likes apples.  Can you tell?
~ Holly